What Is Your Approach When Working With Clients?

My primary focus is to help you become empowered to make eating choices that make you feel and perform your best. I will help you build upon your food and nutrition knowledge, enhance you meal planning and food preparation skills, and guide and support you in making sustainable behaviour changes.



Can You Help Me Lose Weight?

While what you eat is a behaviour, your weight is not. Many people who make positive changes to their eating patterns do experience weight loss, but there are many factors apart from your diet alone that may or may not make this happen.

If you primary goal is to lose weight, and you’re looking for a professional help, you may be better served by another Registered Dietitian who specializes in this complex area of practice. Please feel free to contact me for a recommendation to suit your needs.



Can You Help Me Gain Muscle?

Yes. In addition to an exercise program, muscle gain requires specific nutrition strategies to be most effective. If your goal is to increase your muscle mass, I can work with you to  help you most efficiently achieve this goal through by helping you make changes to the type of food you eat and when you consume it.



I Have Problems Maintaining My Iron.
Can You Help?

Yes. Low iron and iron deficiency can make you feel exhausted when exercising, negatively impact your performance, and make it difficult for you to concentrate.

Low iron levels and iron deficiencies are extremely common, especially in teens, endurance athletes, women and plant-based eaters (vegetarians and vegans).

If you have been diagnosed with low iron or iron deficiency, I can help you feel better. I have both personal and professional expertise in helping people adjust their eating habits to increase dietary iron and to plan and maintain an iron-rich diet to avoid future iron deficiencies.



Can You Help Me Improve My Relationship With Food?

Yes. It is quite simple to cross the line from focusing on your health and eating to becoming so focused on eating well for health or your sport that feelings of fear or guilt can occur when you do not eat exactly as you had hoped. Diet mentality puts you in conflict with food and your body, and you cannot feel or perform your best from this place.

I believe eating is about choice, not control. I am skilled at helping people balance evidence-based sports nutrition principles with the art of intuitive eating. I can help you fuel your body for health and sport while helping you build and maintain a healthy relationship with food.



I Have An Eating Disorder. Can You Help Me?

If you have recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder by a medical professional, your needs are best met by the specialized team of health professionals at the Eating Disorder Clinic in Prince George, which includes a Registered Dietitian. This team of experts can help you move towards recovery when you are ready.



I Have Food Allergies. Can You Help Me?

Yes. If you have been diagnosed with food allergies or intolerances, I can help you plan for a healthy diet as you adjust to eating without problem foods.

Celiac disease, gluten-free diets and inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s or Colitis) are not within my area of expertise. Please contact me and I can refer you to another Registered Dietitian who specializes in this area.



Can You Help Me Identify Food Allergies Or Intolerances?

No. If you suspect that you have a food allergy  or intolerance, please first seek a diagnosis from a medical practitioner with expertise in this area.



Can You Help Me Sort Out Which Supplements I Need?

Yes. If you are confused about whether or not you need to take vitamin, mineral, protein, or herbal supplements, you are not alone. The supplement industry markets its products heavily to active people, athletes and plant-based eaters. I can help you feel confident about your choices by critically evaluating the evidence for or against particular supplements and making recommendations in conjunction with your individual nutrition needs. By learning more about what you’re putting in your body, it’s function, risk and benefits, I can help you determine your need or lack thereof for supplementation.



Are Your Dietitian Services Covered Under Extended Health?

Possibly. Most major insurance companies in BC do cover the services of a Registered Dietitian, but it is up to the employer to decide whether or not to include this service in the benefits available to employees. Check with your employer to find out if the services of a Registered Dietitian are included as part of your benefits.



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