What My Clients Are Saying

“I participated in one of Lindsay Van der Meer's plant based grocery store tours and left feeling very well informed and inspired. I really appreciated the hands on practical learning and Lindsays willingness to answer questions! Highly recommend!”

Morgan, G.

“I had struggled with muscle cramping in a race earlier this year and a few of my longer training rides. The cramps were affecting my performance and abilities to achieve personal fitness goals. I was unable to remedy the cramping with trial and error and personal research, so I sought professional advice from Lindsay.

Lindsay was able to analyze my history, diet and fueling to develop an easy and flexible nutrition/hydration plan for me. She helped me understand how proper fueling before, during and after a race can affect performance.

By using this plan during my training rides and most recent race, I was able to shave 30 minutes from my personal record on the race. I felt faster and stronger during the race this year and will continue to use the plan to push myself further in 2019”.

Dave B, Cyclist